USB memory devices cannot be played back

USB memory device is not recognized.

Disconnect and reconnect the USB memory device. link

Mass storage class compatible USB memory devices are supported.

This unit does not support a connection through a USB hub. Connect the USB memory device directly to the USB port.

The USB memory device must be formatted to FAT16 or FAT32.

Not all USB memory devices are guaranteed to work. Some USB memory devices are not recognized. When using a type of portable hard disc drive compatible with the USB connection that requires power from an AC adapter, use the AC adapter that came with the drive.

Files on the USB memory device are not displayed.

Files of a type not supported by this unit are not displayed. link

This unit is able to display files in a maximum of eight folder layers. A maximum of 5000 files (folders) can also be displayed for each layer. Modify the folder structure of the USB memory device.

When multiple partitions exist on the USB memory device, only files on the first partition are displayed.

iOS and Android devices are not recognized.

The USB port of this unit does not support playback from iOS and Android devices.

Files on a USB memory device cannot be played.

Files are created in a format that is not supported by this unit. Check the formats supported by this unit. link

You are attempting to play a file that is copyright protected. Files that are copyright protected cannot be played on this unit.

Playback may not be possible if the album art file size exceeds 2 MB.

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