Front panel

Name Front HDDAC1N

Power operation button ( Power Button )

This turns the power on/off (standby). link

Power indicator (STANDBY)

The standby indicator changes as shown below according to the status of the unit.

Power on : Off

Normal standby : Red

iPod charge standby : Orange

Input source select knob (INPUT SELECTOR)

These select the input source. link


Information such as the playback status and input source is displayed here.


Adjusts the volume of the headphones and audio output connectors (VARIABLE). link

SETUP button

Used to set up this unit.

Remote control sensor

This receives signals from the remote control unit.

DISPLAY OFF indicator

This indicator lights up when the display is off. link

USB port

Used to connect iPod or USB memory devices. link

Headphones jack (PHONES)

Used to connect headphones.


To prevent hearing loss, do not raise the volume level excessively when using headphones.

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