Remote control unit

The remote control provided with this unit can control a Marantz amplifier.

Operating this unit

Name RC005PMCD 1

Remote control signal transmitter

This transmits signals from the remote control unit. link

Power operation button (CD Power Button )

This turns the power on/off (standby). link

Disc tray open/close button ( Button_Triangle Underline Mz )

Opens and closes the disc tray. link

System buttons

These perform playback related operations.

Name RC005PMCD 2

Media mode select button (INPUT)

Used to select the playback source. link

Information button (INFO)

This switches the track information shown in the display during playback.

PROGRAM button

This sets program playback. link

ENTER button

This determines the selection.

Cursor buttons

These select items.

BACK button

Returns to the previous item.

Number buttons (0 – 9)

These enter numbers into the unit.

RANDOM button ( Button_RANDOM Mz )

Switches the random playback.

REPEAT button ( Button_REPEAT Mz )

Switches to the repeat playback.

Name RC005PMCD 3

OPTION button

Selects the playback range of the data CD. link

Selects the playback range of the USB flash drive. link

SETUP button

This displays the setting menu on the display. link

CLEAR button

This clears the program registration. link

FILTER button

This switches the filter characteristics. link

DIMMER button

This switches the brightness of the display. link

Amplifier operations

Name RC005PMCD 4

A Marantz amplifier can be operated.

Input source select buttons


Mute button ( Silent )

Power operation button (AMP Power Button )

VOLUME buttons ( Button_Plus Mz Button_Minus Mz )

The remote control may not operate some products.

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