High quality sound

All-discrete current feedback amplifier

This unit uses a high-speed current feedback amplifier circuit for its preamplifier and power amplifier so that signals from the Super Audio CD player can be amplified with high fidelity. The high-speed current feedback amplifier reproduces a natural sound space.

High-power output

This unit features a slimline body, but comes with a large power supply unit for dynamic music reproduction with high power.

High quality audio design

This unit has a high quality audio design such as minimized signal path, use of high sound quality parts, and large power circuit, which is possible only in discrete audio components.

Phono input connectors for connecting turntables

This unit is provided with a phono amplifier so that you can directly connect a turntable and play records (Only the MM cartridge can be used)link

Two-sets of speaker output terminals

In addition to using two sets of speakers (Speakers A and Speakers B), you can connect to bi-wiring speakers with separate input terminals for high range and low range. link
The unit adopts screw terminals that can connect thick audio cables.

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