About balanced connectors

This unit has both unbalanced and balanced connectors. The balanced connectors have three pins, making it possible to transmit audio signals as a balanced signal, reducing the effect of external noise. They also have a removable lock mechanism, which reduces shaking in the connector area, making the connection highly reliable.

Conne Balanced PM10FU

Phases of the balanced connectors

The XLR connector for professional use is internally wired in either of the following two systems. This unit employs the European system.

European system ( shiromaru_2 PIN=HOT shiromaru_3 PIN=COLD)

Balance terminal EURO

USA system ( shiromaru_2 PIN=COLD shiromaru_3 PIN=HOT)

Balance terminal USA

If a product that employs the USA system is connected with this unit via a balanced cable, the output signal may be phase-inverted. To correct the inversion, connect the one side XLR connector reversing the shiromaru_2 PIN and shiromaru_3 PIN.

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