Stereo complete bi-amp connection

This mode enables the two amplifiers connected to this unit to function as one monaural amplifier. To use this mode, two F.C.B.S. connected PM-10 units are required.

To switch the mode, use the AMPLIFIER MODE switch on the rear panel while the power is off.

The figures below show example displays in the stereo and bi-amp modes.

Disp F.C.B.S. Stereo Biamp mode

In bi-amp mode, connect to the left channel input jack. The right channel input is disabled.

The same signals are output from the left and right speaker terminals.


Always turn the power to the unit OFF before changing the operating mode switch setting. Turning the power ON again activates the new setting.

When in bi-amp mode, the R channel input jacks cannot be used.

When in bi-amp mode, the signals input into the L channel are output from both channels. Therefore, the same signals are output from the L channel and R channel in RECORDER OUT, headphones jack.

Speaker systems connected using complete bi-amp connections must support bi-amp connections. Before connecting your speakers, check in the instruction manual that came with the speakers or contact the manufacturer to confirm whether they support bi-amp connection.

Conne F.C.B.S biamp PM10FU

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